Features & Services

Vamoose provides for both parents and schools, a single platform of safety, security and accountability. Contact us today for a free demo & consultation, and let us show you how we can make your school safer and more efficient.

Our Features

Afternoon Dismissal

Keep the carline going with our dismissal manager

Daily Plan Changes

No more paper notes, phone calls, e-mails or voicemails

Reduced Clutter

School officials will save hours every week!


The Vamoose Site Portal will be your daily plan change manager


Both parents & schools will be better able to keep track of things


Keep track of daily plan changes, and when children leave school

Safety & Security

Reduced liability for schools and much safer for our children

The Latest Technology

Our mobile app & service is way faster than paper!

and more...

Keeping you notified every step of the way is one of our key priorities
Knowing that your children left school safely and that your plan change made it to the front desk
Daily reports will provide schools with a clear afternoon dismissal plan